IMG_3335_addWe have come an incredibly long way since this disease was discovered in 1927, but we have to do more. I don’t want to be standing on this stage in a few years memorializing my son. I don’t want to be robbed of watching him grow up and having a family of his own. I want him to be here with me, healthy and thriving. So for as long as it takes we will keep this fundraising effort going, and we hope that you continue to support us for as long as we need you. Because we really do need you.


I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the 5K for FA. We had a beautiful sunny day, and we had 40 more 5K participants this year than last year. Our raffle was a huge success, and as a result we are now very close to our $20,000 goal.

We know that many of you weren’t able to be there, and that we have more people who would like to get on board and help us reach our goal. As of this moment we are very close to $18,000.  Please, if you can donate even $10 that would make a difference.

Please consider giving online to or mail a check payable to the:

Fanconi Anemia Research Fund

1801 Willamette Street, Suite 200

Eugene, Oregon 97401