The 5K for FA is on May 6, 2017. Until then we are fiercely raising money for Fanconi anemia in support of my son Eli and others like him.


If FA families didn’t fundraise, then over 97% of the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund’s budget would NOT exist.


If FA families didn’t fundraise, who then would step up and do it?


We are a tiny organization representing a very rare disease. We don’t get funding from the government for research. We have to find it ourselves.


Families like ours are breaking their backs to beg friends, family members, communities, and businesses for money to support this cause because every single dollar matters. Every one.


And aside from that, our 5K for FA event is an inspiring, family-friendly gathering that promotes health and wellness. We have great raffles, music, activities for the kids, and food. You don’t have to participate in the run or walk to come out to the fundraiser. All are welcome! What’s not to love?


PLEASE if you are at all on the fence about supporting us, research FARF. Research Fanconi anemia. Put yourself in our place as a family whose child is actually growing up thanks to fundraisers like this. You may think FA research doesn’t even affect you or your family, but with its ties to cancer, it does. It truly does.


If you know any philanthropic local businesses that might like to support the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, please mention our website and my name, Mary Ann Lana, to them. AND if you can help us by donating, participating, volunteering, or submitting a raffle basket, we’d be very grateful for that too.