Become a 5K for FA fundraiser and become a $100 champion!

Why Raise $100?

A $100 donation goal is attainable for nearly everyone on social media. It’s not a lot to gather up for a worthy cause, and it also adds up fast…

1 5K for FA $100 Champion=$100





How to Raise $100

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Anyone  can set up their fundraising page in about 60 seconds by hitting the pink button. You can then share that page through social media and email. Your sponsors can donate with a credit card, or pledge to donate later via check or cash.

Email: If you don’t care to set up a fundraising page, how about coming up with a way to divide that $100 among friends and family, and ask them for a specific amount. Email two friends, $50. Four friends, $25. Ten friends, $10. You get the idea.

Cash envelope: Go old school, and prepare a manilla envelope to leave in a safe spot so friends, dorm-mates, co-workers, etc. can donate cash and pocket change.

Collection jar: Girl scout meeting? Pampered Chef party? Band practice? Bowling night? Dinner with the girls? Let people know you’re trying to raise $100 for FARF and that you’ll have a collection jar available.

The Cause

The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund provides grant funding to researchers who submit applications to study FA. Since its inception in 1989, the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund has sponsored 183 research grants in 54 laboratories worldwide. Donations to the Fund have helped us advance FA science more rapidly than ever thought possible.

For example, no FA genes had been identified in 1989. Today 21 genes have been discovered.

Bone marrow transplant success rates for FA patients with a matched unrelated donor have risen from 0% in 1989 to over 87% today in some transplant centers that specialize in Fanconi anemia. Matched sibling donor transplants have risen from a 35% success rate to close to 100% today in those centers.

Do you know anyone affected by cancer? In 2014, BRCA1, the most common breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene, was identified as an FA gene. At least five of the 21 FA genes, including BRCA2, are also breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility genes. Research on FA cancers has benefits that extend far beyond our small group of patients.

The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund also provides family support. Camp Sunshine, the Annual FA Adult meeting, online support groups, and publications like newsletters and the Fanconi Anemia: Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management to name a few. These are invaluable resources for families like ours who rely on up-to-date findings to help our kids live longer lives.



My Hope

My hope is to convince people to step a bit out of their comfort zone and seek out that $100 from their circle of friends and family. When divided up, it’s not much to ask for. But when pooled together, $100 can make a significant impact on our little Fanconi anemia FAmily, and YOU will know that money was well spent.